8 Ways You Can Dress a Silk Scarf

Adding a scarf to your accessory collection can accentuate any outfit, even if simple.

We at Naturel-le asked our Naturel-le friends and family on how they prefer to wear their silk scarf.

Here is a list of 8 of them. Can you guess which one is which? Email us with your answers and win a chance to get a 10% discount off your next purchase!


Way #1: Tied to your crossbody bag 

Way #2: As a belt

Way #3: The Cinderella

Way #4: Twisted into your hairstyle

Way #5: Front tie

Way #6: Bandana braided bun 

Way #7: Triangle Tichel

Way #8: The 1960's look


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Who said scarves were made to be worn on your head only? You're allowed to be creative. Explore how YOU want to wear them! 

Share with us how you've been wearing our Silk Scarf.

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