Mulberry Silk

Silk is a natural protein fiber composed mainly of fibroin. The glimmer of silk is a result of the triangular prism structure of the fibers that make up the silk. Mulberry is the highest quality of silk available on earth. 


Mulberry silk originates from China where silkworms are fed only mulberry leaves. The silkworm cocoons are later on harvested into the best quality, natural mulberry silk fabric. Free of any harmful chemicals!

Two hands picking the finest mulberry leaves from a pile inside a wooden box to make the best mulberry silk pillowcase


Momme (MM) is a measurement of the quality of silk. A higher momme count means more durable and better quality silk, with 6 momme being the lowest quality and 30 momme the highest quality.

Note: higher momme count means more opaque and denser material. The ideal momme count for a silk pillowcase, for instance, will be different to that of a piece of silk clothing.  


    Mulberry silk contents 18 amino acids and a very essential protein called Sercin. Sericin is a natural supplement to: 

    • Skin elasticity, 
    • Anti-ageing, and
    • Anti-wrinkle 

    A natural hypoallergenic silk is highly recommended by dermatologists for acne prone skin.

    By being breathable, silk limits skin abrasion and prevents fine lines on delicate skin. Breathability of the silk also helps regulate your body temperature and keeps your overnight sweat at bay. 

    By retaining moisture and being soft, silk helps battle frizzy hair, split ends regardless of your hair type and fine hair breakage. It also protects hair cuticles and promotes hair growth.

    Happy woman with glowing complexion sleeping on hair silk. pillowcase waking up to daylight

    Mulberry silk is resistant to microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and fungus which increases the longevity of the products. Making the investment worthwhile! 

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    Instructions of use and care of products

      The instructions for care will be provided on each product label delivered to you in the form below!

      Silk. pillowcase, silk eye masks, silk scarves handling instruction for durable and maintain quality of silk


        All our Mulberry silk pillowcases are certified OEKO- TEX (Standard 100) which confirms the chemical-free and naturally dyed products. The Mulberry silk used in our eye masks is also eco-friendly and non-toxic.


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