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NATUREL-LE is a Canadian-based brand offering luxurious silk products exclusively to Canada and the US. Our affordable and top-quality silk products offer our customers the greatest experience.

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Is the highest quality natural silk on earth with its origin tracing back to China. Being the softest and most valuable silk, Mulberry silk makes the best fabric for luxurious bedding. The beauty secret of Mulberry silk is its hypoallergenic. This property prevents the build-up of dust mites and bacteria that could aid in allergies, skin inflammation and/or acne. To read more about the origin and benefits of Mulberry silk, read this post.



Since the average person spends on average 26 years of their life sleeping, it is worthwhile to consider the material your pillowcase is made of.
At NATUREL-LE, our best-selling pillowcases and sleeping eye masks are woven from pure, Grade 6A Mulberry silk that enhances your sleep, regulates your temperature and hydrates your skin. All the while reducing the appearance of sleep creases and long-term skin ageing.
NATUREL-LE’s Mulberry silk also minimizes bedhead and hair breakage. By minimizing friction 40% compared to a high thread-count cotton pillowcase, our hair-friendly pillowcase preserves both your hair and your expensive blow out.


Which is why our Mulberry silk pillowcases are both eco-friendly and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified.
Most importantly, we at NATUREL-LE value you and seek your feedback when it comes to both our products and services.
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